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Gladys Knight escapes speeding ticket with song

Gladys Knight wriggled her way out of a speeding ticket in Utah by singing Happy Birthday to the police officer.
The car the soul legend was travelling in was pulled over by Pleasant Grove Officer Paul Rogerson on Wednesday night (02Mar16), which also happened to be his birthday.
After checking the female driver’s licence, he learned she was taking Gladys to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints choir event – and the cop let it be known that he and his wife, who had joined him for the birthday patrol shift, were big fans.
The Midnight Train to Georgia icon then climbed out of the car and treated Officer Rogerson to a quick birthday song and posed for photos with the couple, who even exchanged cell phone numbers with the singer.
Gladys and her driver were let off with a warning, but Pleasant Grove Police Captain Mike Roberts insists she received no special treatment as the cop would likely have given a verbal warning even if the superstar hadn’t been in the car, according to The Associated Press.

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