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Glenn Frey’s original will missing

The widow of Glenn Frey has asked a probate court judge to validate her copy of the rocker’s will as the original has been misplaced.
The Eagles icon died in January, 2016, aged 67, reportedly leaving his final wishes with officials at a financial management company.
However, his second wife Cynthia switched firms following his passing, and her new representatives have yet to locate Frey’s signed paperwork among the documents they were handed.
According to TheBlast.com, Cynthia, who is also known as Cindy Millican, has recovered her copy of the will, and has now submitted it to court, asking for her document to be accepted in the event the original does not show up.
The will she produced names her as Glenn’s sole heir and executor of his estate, with Eagles manager Irving Azoff and attorney Barry Greenfield listed as co-executors should his widow be unable to serve, reports TMZ.com.
His assets have been estimated at $100,000 (GBP75,900), although there is also a family trust, which is thought to hold the bulk of his fortune.
Glenn wed former dancer and choreographer Cynthia in 1990. They had three kids – daughter Taylor, and sons Deacon and Otis, the only minor child.
Deacon has now taken his father’s place in the Eagles.

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