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Goldberg offers solution to Cuthbert’s fear of flying

Cuthbert, who is currently promoting the new season of TV comedy Happy Endings, was a guest on U.S. talk show The View on Monday (26Sep11) when the young actress opened up to Goldberg and her co-hosts about her plane troubles and the rituals she has adopted to help her cope with her fears.

She said, “I can’t afford the beautiful (luxury bus) so what I do is I have these things where, every time I get on a flight, I have these things I have to do, and it’s a way to cope and calm my nerves…

“So as soon as I get onboard I put my right foot first. I never get on a flight with my left foot, and, if I do, I have to get off and get back on… I’ll do a little prayer, and it’s the same prayer all the time. But it’s really helped me and now I feel like I’ve come up with a plan to cope with it ’cause we do fly so, so much.”

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But Cuthbert may not need to use her rituals for much longer – Goldberg sympathised with the star and then offered her the use of her own private coach that she has long relied on to transport her from city to city when she’s not working on the New York-based TV show.

Generous Goldberg offered: “Well if you want the bus ever, I’ll let you have it ’cause I’m here (in New York) so it’s just sitting here.”

And Cuthbert jumped at the opportunity, replying, “Oh, I’d love that, that’d be great!”

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