Goldie Hawn: ‘Good sex keeps 34-year romance with Kurt Russell going strong’


Goldie Hawn has credited strong sexual intimacy with keeping the chemistry alive in her decades-long romance with Kurt Russell.

The iconic actress and her Overboard co-star Kurt have been together for 34 years and absolutely none of the passion has faded since they first began dating.

Overboard: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Staff/Syndicated by: MGM

Speaking of their secret to staying committed for so long, Goldie tells Extra: “I think that sex is very important in a relationship and a long-term relationship actually suffers because people aren’t playing together anymore.”

The 71-year-old confesses there have been a few times in the past where sexual attraction has actually saved their romance from crumbling after an argument.

“I would say stay mindful of who and what we loved about each other, always have that aspect of being turned on by that person,” she adds, “and sometime when they make you really mad, you need to sit down and say, ‘Ya, but…’”

Goldie’s sizzling relationship tips come just over a week after Kurt, 66, made a sexy revelation about the couple’s first date during an appearance on Harry Connick, Jr’s TV talk show Harry on 21 April (17).

The actor recalled almost being arrested when the young lovebirds were caught by police having sex after they broke into her Los Angeles home on their first date in 1983.

“She was renovating this house… and we eventually found our way upstairs, looking around… and we were in the imaginary bedroom and we were realistically having sex when the police walked in, because we had to break in to the place to get in,” he laughed. “It was bizarre and weird. We were told to go and get a hotel room, which we did.”

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