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Goldie Hawn: ‘Kurt Russell has taken naked pictures of me’

Goldie Hawn once posed for a naked photoshoot with partner Kurt Russell behind the camera.
The cheeky actress, who has been with Kurt since 1983, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her Snatched co-star Amy Schumer when she made the admission during a game of Never Have I Ever.
Ellen’s first statement was “Never have I ever taken a naked selfie”, to which Amy and Goldie had to lift their panels and choose either “I have” or “I have never”.
While Amy lifted up her “I have never” paddle, Goldie admitted she had, before yelling: “Wait a minute, wait a minute! No, Kurt took it. Yeah, I didn’t do a selfie. I’ve never done a selfie.”
“But Kurt took a naked picture of you?” Ellen asked.
It was at that point that the 71-year-old explained that the photoshoot wasn’t a sexy one, it was a humorous one.
“Well, I was naked,” Goldie said. “I was being funny. It wasn’t like that sexy, weird picture. I was pretending like I was a strong man.”
Amy, who had been laughing throughout Goldie’s tale, then joked: “Let’s go to the picture!”
Goldie and Amy have been doing the rounds promoting Snatched, and later appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night.
During their interview on the late-night show, a caller phoned in to ask Goldie about the experience of working with legendary actor Warren Beatty on the 1971 movie Dollars.
“Most nervous to work with maybe in the beginning was Warren Beatty. He didn’t intimidate me,” Goldie said, admitting she was nervous because of his good looks. “He was so handsome that I didn’t know if my eyes would burn inside my head if I looked up at him.”
When host Andy Cohen asked Goldie if Warren’s womaniser reputation made her nervous about falling for him, the actress smiled coyly and replied: “I kind of did. I really did, I mean honestly. And, you know, uh, and I, uh, I did!”
Andy then clarified: “You did, meaning you had a moment with Beatty?”, before Goldie answered, “I had more than a moment”.
She continued: “I can’t tell you what kind of moment, but I did meet his mom and dad. That’s a moment.”

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