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Gordon-Levitt and fans team up for art anthology

The actor recently launched a website through his production company hitRECord, where devotees could collectively collaborate with each other and the film star, and Gordon-Levitt was so impressed with the response, he has created RECollection: Volume 1, which includes a CD and a DVD, to showcase the remixed songs, short videos, poems and stories from over 400 fans.

He tells IndieWire.com, “It started as a creative outlet for me. I love acting, but acting in a movie is very much my job to help a filmmaker realise their vision. I love doing it, but about five, six years ago I came to this conclusion that it wasn’t going to work for me to have to wait on somebody else to allow me to make things, express myself, be creative. That’s how hitRECord started…

“People would write stuff and they were actually really cool. That’s rare on the Internet. It tends to be a place where people can anonymously act s**tty towards each other… It’s really stunning this art we’ve been making. With this DVD collection, I feel like it’s the first thing that I’ve put out there, something I was in charge of. Again, I love acting, but this is the first time that I’ve made something.”

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And although the star admits many of the features in the anthology didn’t originate with him, the best part was being able to collaborate with others and feed off them for inspiration.

He adds, “It’s not like I’m the face and someone else is doing it. Like, most of the short films that are on the DVD, I’ve touched somehow. Some of them more, some of them less. Some I directed, some are just short films that I re-edited, or provided voiceovers to. There are even a few, maybe three of four, that I didn’t touch.”

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