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Gossip Girl, Season 1: Ep. 7, “Victor/Victrola Preview”

So next week we get to find out that Serena and Dan are in love. According to the teasers the CW has put out there, they’ve finally decided to admit as much to each other and work out their differences.

Their differences, in this case, are the same old story: rich girl, poor guy, wrong side of the tracks–and all the jazz.

There are a few problems with all these West Side Story references–mostly why isn’t there any song and dance? Am I the only one who thinks this show would work better as a musical? Can’t you just see Serena belting out a rousing version of “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way!”

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Furthermore, isn’t the whole premise to these wrong-side-of-the-tracks themes lends itself to more pathos? Someone who actually gives a crap the poor guy is dating the rich girl or visa-versa?

The only thing going here is that Rufus, Dan’s father, used to date Lily, Serena’s mother–and they still like each other. This doesn’t quite seem to have all the drama of Romeo and Juliet. I mean, can anyone picture Nate Archibald standing up and screaming “a plague on both your houses” sometime soon?

Meanwhile, Chuck is thinking of investing in a club to make his father proud. Since the club in question is actually a strip joint, well, that’s exactly the kind of thing that always makes a father proud.

Plus, when the musical part of the show finally kicks in, the strip club provides a chorus line of dancing girls free of charge.

Finally, a good idea from the writers at the CW.

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