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Government officials revising regulations for Broadway child actors

Officials at the state Labor Department proposed new rules to ban children under 18 from working past 10pm – before most Broadway shows close – and slash the number of hours they work.

Under the draft regulations, unveiled in November (10), actors between the ages of nine and 16 would be limited to no more than five hours of actual work, and producers will have to provide on-the-job tutors when they’re working for three or more days.

But labour officials have been inundated with objections from members of the Broadway League and the Actors Equity Association, prompting them to return to the drawing board to make several alterations to the stage restrictions.

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Department spokesman Leo Rosales says, “We have received dozens of comments, and we do plan on making some changes. Our ultimate goal is to find a balance to what the industry needs and to protect child performers.”

Lawmakers are expected to release their revised proposal within a few weeks, after which the public will have 30 days to comment, reports the New York Daily News.

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