Grace Slick: ‘I’m glad I didn’t go all the way with drunken Nazi gig in Germany’

Former Jefferson Starship star Grace Slick will always be grateful to her bandmates for talking her out of wearing a Nazi military uniform during a drunken gig in Germany.
A night after the band was forced to cancel a show in Germany – because the singer was too inebriated to perform – Slick took to the stage and almost incited a riot by attacking audience members, sticking her fingers up one fan’s nostrils, groping female concertgoers and poking fun at the entire crowd over the country’s failure in World War Two.
Slick has little recollection of the 1978 gig, but she can remember a drunken moment when she almost hit the stage a Nazi uniform.
“I wanted to wear jackboots and imitate a Nazi and fortunately I didn’t go all the way with that,” she tells WENN. “I arrived at the airport, I think it was Frankfurt, and they had sweet little Heidi outfits, and I was gonna get that and then I thought, ‘No, Let’s go the other way! Let’s be a Nazi and give them a load of s**t’.
“You make a lot of decisions when you’re drunk and they’re majorly stupid.”
Now sober, the rocker admits she was a very “sarcastic, unpleasant drunk” for a long time, adding, “About once a month I’d just go out and get arrested and yell. I loved the drama. I’m not very dramatic as a sober person; I’m kinda tight-a**, so it was fun to let the tight-a** go and just s**t all over everybody.
“But even though I was a drunken a**hole, the band couldn’t fire me, because then what would happen to the band… They were a little too afraid… Human beings are really afraid of change.
“Firing me probably would have been a really good idea; it would have straightened me out a lot faster than it took.”