‘Grandma’ Natalie Portman received social media crash course from Reese Witherspoon


Natalie Portman feels “like a grandmother” getting to grips with social media after learning all about Instagram from Reese Witherspoon.

The Black Swan actress, who is known for keeping her personal life private, kicked off 2018 by setting up her own profile on the photo-sharing site, and she credits Reese with helping to pull her into the changing world of modern technology.

Reese has been a wonderful support system in teaching me the ways of modernity,” Natalie joked to news show Entertainment Tonight. “There’s this thing called social media…”

The former child star, now 36, has so far managed to avoid becoming addicted to checking her Instagram feed for updates, but admits she is still marveling at everything she can do on the app.
“It’s a very new thing in my life,” she smiled, “and I feel like a grandmother who’s learned how to use the microwave. Wow, it heats things up!”

Reese previously took credit for encouraging her friend to log on to Instagram, sharing a picture of the pair deep in discussion at a recent event as she gave Natalie a special shout out.

“This is a photo of me convincing @natalieportman to join @Instagram!!” Reese captioned the January (18) snap. “Welcome her to the Insta family, y’all (sic)!”

Natalie’s decision to finally open a social media account came two years after she insisted she had no interest in sharing details of her life online.

“It feels like the last thing you want to do,” the mother-of-two told Business Insider in 2016. “It’s so much unwanted interest in your privacy that you don’t want to invite anymore (sic).”