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Green baffled by myths surrounding French women

The former Bond girl hails from the cosmopolitan city of Paris and is often cast in dark and seductive roles thanks to her heritage.

But Green admits she is confused by the stereotypical image of French women, because she knows plenty who are unattractive “slobs”.

She tells Britain’s Weekend magazine, “People see me as this sexy French girl who drinks and smokes, which amuses me.

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“British men seem obsessed with French women. They build up the idea of us French girls having some magic extra sex appeal so much, they lose their head. It’s such a cliche to think all French girls are elegant and sexy. Some are utter slobs.

“As for the sexual self-confidence that men seem to think we have, well, that’s a myth, too. I’ve done a lot of screen nudity but I could never bear to watch myself in any sex scene – or any scenes to be honest.”

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