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Grigorieva blames ‘jealousy’ for Gibson’s anger

The couple split in April (10) and their break-up later turned nasty after tape recordings of their bitter bust-ups hit the internet.

Russian singer Grigorieva, who shares a young daughter, Lucia, with the Lethal Weapon star, alleges he beat her and knocked out her teeth during a violent altercation early this year (10).

She has now claimed the actor is prone to flipping out and becoming twisted by “evil” when he feels jealous – and she’s urging Gibson to get help for his mood swings.

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Grigorieva tells People magazine, “It’s like something comes over him… his pupils dilated, and he’s screaming so loudly. Ugly face – like not even his face. It’s evil. Just evil…

“(He) could be set off by anything, and that’s the problem. Majority of times it was jealousy of some sort… I want him to be treated, evaluated… he just needs to take responsibility.”

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