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Gun expert recruited to help Common and Keanu Reeves become sharp shooters

Crack shot Taran Butler taught Keanu Reeves and Common how to shoot straight for the new John Wick sequel.
Director Chad Stahelski recruited the world champion to give his leading men a new skill set, so they would both look like sharp shooters in the movie.
“Taran is the current reigning shooter champion of three competitions in the world,” the moviemaker tells WENN. “These guys were firing rounds and rounds of live ammunition before we even took them into the gym to choreograph what we now call gunfu!
“They are both black belts in gunfu now. We wanted to take tactical gun work and make it authentic as we can and then we put it in the surreal environment of John Wick. Both these guys have done a great job.”
And Keanu and Common really impressed with their martial arts and knife skills too after extensive training sessions.
“We took Keanu and Common through a pretty high level of judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Japanese jiu-jitsu and a little bit of Filipino knife fighting,” Chad adds.
Keanu recalls, “We have that knife fight in the subway and then one in Rome. I loved the quick draw between me and Common. We were very competitive to see who was faster. I think he got me!”
“The John Wick world is the most intense fighting and action that I’ve ever been able to participate in,” Common adds. “It was very challenging but I loved the challenges of learning the judo and jiu-jitsu. It’s like learning new languages.”
The director explains, “Common got really good at karate too.”

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