Guy Ritchie’s sobbing earned him new nickname on Aladdin set


Will Smith gave Guy Ritchie the nickname ‘Cry Ritchie’ on the Aladdin set, because the filmmaker was so emotional.

Madonna’s ex-husband was often in tears behind the camera as he marveled at his cast and crew while they brought the Disney blockbuster together.

“I have no idea where I got this reputation from,” Ritchie said during a recent press junket with his movie genie.

“You got it from crying on the set every time you saw a performance,” Smith chuckled, adding his tears were contagious: “Guy’s our first responder in terms of crying. He always kicks it off – and then everyone starts.”

And Navid Negahban, who plays the Sultan in the new film admits it was a very “kind” set once his movie daughter, Naomi Scott, reprimanded the screaming assistant directors.

“There’s a princess inside her,” he tells WENN. “I’ll never forget while we were on the set working some of the ADs were a little bit distressed and they were yelling at the background actors. This girl took the mic and went up to the balcony and said, ‘We can be nicer to each other, can’t we?'”