Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘I am more focused on Goop than acting’


Gwyneth Paltrow is taking time away from acting to focus on her lifestyle website Goop, now she’s the company’s CEO.

The Iron Man star founded the company in 2008 and was named CEO last year (16). The company has grown in size and manpower over the years and it now requires daily attention from Paltrow, which leaves little room for acting.

“I’m still going to do a little bit (of acting) here and there, but this really requires almost all my time,” she told U.S. breakfast show Today on Thursday (15Jun17). “I’m in the office all day, every day. We have a really big team now, almost 85 people, so I really need to be at work.”

Gwyneth never thought her business would have been so successful when she first launched it, but she is thrilled with how much it has grown because it has been a longtime passion of hers.

“I had this incredible acting career, but I had this deep passion to produce content, make great products and curate things,” she continued. “It sort of evolved slowly and it had a long gestational period, and now it’s, like, a real business.”

And despite the criticisms the actress has faced on occasion about the brand, she refuses to let her focus slip.

“I’m so focused on building the business and less focused on the Gwyneth Paltrow (brand),” she said.

Paltrow recently spoke out about the negativity surrounding her wellbeing tips, revealing she now expects it.

“They’re not without judgment,” she admitted to Women’s Health Australia. “When you’re at the forefront of something that’s new, people can get really reactive: ‘This is crazy! Why are you doing this?’ Then, five years later, everyone’s fine with it. So I have a bit of pattern recognition in hand at this point – which is helpful.”

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