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Hamlin: ‘Robbery was not a publicity stunt’

The U.S. TV stars were promoting their new show Harry Loves Lisa and their books on a New York breakfast show when they first received word their store Belle Gray had been burgled in the early hours of Monday (04Oct10).

Hamlin actually took the call from an assistant while he was on air on TV news show Today, and revealed $100,000 (GBP66,600) of goods had been stolen.

The media was immediately cautious to report the tale because many outlets thought it was just a publicity stunt to get Hamlin, Rinna and their projects into the news.

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But angry Hamlin insists that’s not the case: “If I was going to do a publicity stunt… I would get a big balloon and I’d put the whole family in it and then I’d get lost somewhere over the Pacific (Ocean).

“I’m not gonna rob a few things from my store. I think a little bit bigger than that.”

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