Hannah: ‘I won’t give up protest after arrest’

The Blade Runner star was released hours later after she paid a fine, but admits she’s too passionate about stopping a planned oil pipeline that will stretch from Canada to America’s Gulf Coast to halt her protest.

She tells Canada’s CTV network, “There have been hundreds of people arrested over the last week and a half, and more to come in the next few days.

“I want to add my body and my voice to the thousands of others who are laying themselves on the line and saying, ‘No, we do not want to be party to this incredibly destructive path.’

“We’re becoming more dependent on fossil fuels and now we’re becoming dependent on the most dirty of the fossil fuels.”

Hannah, who was arrested for failing to move-on when asked to give up a sit-in protest, is calling for clean energy investments and she and other eco warriors are urging President Barack Obama not to bow to oil lobbyists who favour the pipeline project.