Harrison Ford: ‘Bags of money tempted me into Blade Runner return’


Harrison Ford has joked it took “bags of money” to get him to return for another Blade Runner movie.

The 75-year-old star played replicant hunter Rick Deckard in the original 1982 science-fiction classic, and is returning in the long-awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049.

For many years it seemed unlikely Harrison would reprise the role and he recently spoke about how “tough” filming the original movie was.

Asked by the Associated Press what it took to get him to star in a new Blade Runner film he said, “A really good script and then they followed it with bags of money, what would you imagine?”

Ridley Scott’s original movie has since become a beloved science-fiction classic but was initially a commercial flop after a famously troubled production.

However, it has since come to be regarded as one of the most influential movies of all time. Harrison added he was also tempted back by the chance to work with the new film’s director Denis Villeneuve and, “the opportunity to extend the character into a space that was logical and productive.”

Blade Runner 2049, which also stars Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto, is released on Friday (6Oct17).