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Harry Connick, Jr. brings his wife to tears with Mother’s Day tribute

Harry Connick, Jr. made his wife Jill Goodacre cry while celebrating Mother’s Day on his TV talk show Harry on Friday (12May17) by treating her to video tributes from their three daughters.
The former model was misty-eyed as the singer paid tribute to his “incredible” wife of 23 years, who was in the studio audience for the show, and presented her with a bouquet of roses.
“I would have nothing in my life… if it were not for this incredible woman, who I love more than I can say,” he said.
And the 49-year-old actor/singer had a sweet surprise prepared for Jill after asking the couple’s three kids – Charlotte, 14, Georgia, 21, and Sarah, 19, to film tributes and send them to him.
“You really are the best mom in the world…,” Harry added, “I’m so proud of you and I hope we have another 50 Mother’s Days together.”
His first guest, Sarah Michelle Gellar was also choked up by Connick Jr’s tribute. Wiping tears from her eyes as she hit the stage, the actress said, “I’m a mess. That was so beautiful… I’m sobbing. You (Jill) are so beautiful, your daughters are so beautiful… This is crazy.”

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