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Harry Styles: ‘Failed stage dive wasn’t the best’

Harry Styles didn’t feel as cool as he expected he would during his first stage dive attempt, when he ended up plunging to the floor.
The 23-year-old singer was performing at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade for a secret album release party, held in collaboration with iHeartRadio and Z100 radio stations, earlier this month (May17) when he did an impromptu stage dive and ended up falling to the ground.
It was the first time the British singer had ever attempted the move and he admits stage dives don’t feel as cool as they look during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday night (15May17).
“It doesn’t feel as cool as you think it was gonna feel,” he said. “I thought it would feel like flying, I thought I was going to feel like, ‘this is the most amazing feeling ever’ and instead it was like, ‘I should get up now.'”
When James asked if the crowd failed to catch him, he explained they caught him initially and he floated along audience members briefly before a gap opened up and he fell down in between them like a “sinkhole”.
“It wasn’t the best,” he admitted. “I may or may not have kicked someone in the face by accident so there was this whole uproar. I think she was faking if I’m honest… It was my first one (stage dive). I felt like, ‘this is the time to try it’. I was wrong.”
However, it seems he doesn’t need to worry about any repercussions from his kick as a fan took to Twitter after the show and seemed excited, not upset, about the incident.
“Harry f**king did a stage dive and kicked me in the head with his Gucci shoe thank f**king God,” one user wrote.
When asked if he would ever stage dive again, the One Direction singer said probably not but “maybe the mood will strike another time” and teased the audience by getting up and pretending to consider doing it to them.
Harry will be appearing on the U.S. talk show all week and will appear in James’ famous Carpool Karaoke segment on Thursday night.

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