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Harry Styles plunges to the floor after stage dive goes wrong

Harry Styles was left red-faced when he did an impromptu stage dive during a recent New York gig and ended up plunging to the floor.
The 23-year-old singer was performing at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade for a secret album release party, held in collaboration with iHeartRadio and Z100 radio stations, earlier this week (beg08May17) when the unfortunate incident occurred.
Journalists from Teen Vogue magazine were in the crowd, and detailed the embarrassing fall on their website.
“The crowd was either not ready for his stage dive or simply couldn’t hold him up, and he quickly hit the floor. After a few seconds of chaos, all involving parties got up and it thankfully appears that nobody was seriously injured,” they wrote. “He got up on the stage and deeply apologised with a smile about the failed attempt.”
Apparently, the One Direction star also tried to explain his actions by telling the crowd the time felt right for him to try his first ever stage dive.
Jackie Lundell, a 26-year-old fan at the gig, added to the website: “Everybody seemed to get up, he was apologising a lot. But you know what, you know everyone loved it. Everybody came to this thing like, ‘If Harry styles crushed me today with a stage dive, I’d be all in.'”
And that certainly seemed to be the theme on social media, with one fan writing: “Harry f**king did a stage dive and kicked me in the head with his Gucci shoe thank f**king God.”
Prior to the incident the singer had delighted fans with a selection of his new solo offerings, including Sign of the Times, Carolina and Two Ghosts, which many fans have speculated he may have written about his former relationship with Taylor Swift.
The stage dive accident isn’t the first time Harry has fallen over while performing. In fact, he has built up something of a reputation among fans for being clumsy, after several of his slips were caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

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