Harvey Weinstein wanted Ashley Judd for Good Will Hunting

Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has dismissed reports he tried to steer directors away from casting Ashley Judd, insisting he wanted her to play Matt Damon’s love interest in Good Will Hunting.
The accused sexual predator was targeted this past week by directors Peter Jackson and Terry Zwigoff, who claimed Harvey and his brother Bob urged them not to cast Judd or Mira Sorvino in films, because they had had bad experiences with the actresses.
Both stars now contend their careers were ruined by the Weinsteins after they spurned Harvey’s sexual advances.
Jackson now fears he was an “unwitting accomplice” in a smear campaign and Zwigoff has apologised to Mira for not casting her in his film Bad Santa.
Weinstein’s representative has insisted both men are mistaken and Harvey and his brother had nothing to do with the casting of their movies.
And the aide states that not only did Weinstein not blacklist Sorvino and Judd, as has been claimed, he was working with both “during the timeframe in question”, explaining the producer wanted Judd for Good Will Hunting.
“While Ashley was the top choice for Miramax and Mr. Weinstein, the role went to Minnie Driver, who was the star (Mat Damon) and director’s (Gus Van Sant) preference,” a statement reads. “Minnie did a brilliant job and he believes Ashley would have as well.”