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Hayley Atwell’s sex scenes with Eddie Redmayne ruined by fake tan

Hayley Atwell struggled to film sex scenes with Eddie Redmayne as he kept dripping fake tan on her.
The Agent Carter star appeared alongside Eddie in the 2010 mini-series The Pillars of the Earth, in which she played Aliena, a fallen medieval noblewoman who falls for Eddie’s character Jack Builder, a skilled stone mason.
However, Hayley did not enjoy the experience – as their sweaty love scenes caused his fake tan to rub off on her and turn her the colour of popular British orange soft drink Tango.
“Eddie had lots of fake tan on and when he sweated, he would sweat tan on me like I’d been Tangoed,’ she told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.
The 36-year-old actress confessed she also felt uncomfortable because she’d grown close to her co-star, but their friendship was like that of siblings.
“It’s just a lot of grunting with someone who’s essentially become your brother over the last few weeks,” she added. “Hopefully those days are over. Now I can be a bit older and more discerning.”
Hayley has now settled down with a partner who’s not in showbiz following failed relationships with The Office creator Stephen Merchant and Snow Patrol rocker Paul Wilson.
Although she has not revealed the name of her beau, she gushed to U.K. newspaper The Times: “He’s a doctor. A medical doctor, so he’s not in the industry and I’ve known him since he was 10. I’ve finally met someone who I want to share my life with.”

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