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Helen Hunt contributes to sex therapist’s new book

The Oscar winner met with hands-on therapist Cheryl Cohen Greene to research the film and the two became fast friends.

Hunt tells WENN, “I’ve played real people before in movies and usually you talk for hours and use five minutes of what they give you because you’re making your own thing. In this case I found how she talked and what her vibe and spirit was like – kind of frank, slightly louder than me, Boston accent – was useful to use so it really helped.

“She used the term sex positive which I just love and I got excited about trying to bring that to life in me. She told me everything and I was really grateful and we used it in the movie.

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“She seemed very pleased about the portrayal and I just wrote a blurb for the back of her book, which she has written and I think she’s very happy.”

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