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Henner learns to live with superior memory condition

The former Taxi star recently revealed she is one of the few people on earth who possess superior autobiographical memory, a neuro condition which enables her to remember almost every day of her life in vivid detail.

Neurobiologist James McGaugh first diagnosed the condition in 2006, and Henner only realised in 2009 she was living with it.

But the actress has turned SAM into a blessing – and uses her amazing memory to help her get to sleep.

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She explains, “A lot of it has to do with the muscle; you exercise it. I used to fall asleep going, ‘What did I do a week ago, two weeks; what did I do a year ago?’

“It’s fun to do. It’s almost meditative. We’ve all gotten so lazy with speed dial, with texting and navigational devices.”

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