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Henry Cavill on Superman’s strength to fit it

Henry Cavill describes Superman as someone who manipulates himself to fit in with the crowds.
The British actor is set to reprise his heroic alter ego in the upcoming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, joined by Ben Affleck as the caped crusader. Superman is the secret identity of Clark Kent, and Henry has tried to understand what his character must go through in keeping it under wraps.
“There is,” he told SFX magazine when asked if there’s difference sense of physicality between Clark and Superman. “Imagine someone said, ‘In a room of very, very short people, whatever you do, don’t stand out.’ And then when you get home you finally go, ‘I can stand up straight and be tall…’ That is what Superman is. He’s the guy who’s at home who finally gets to be the being that he is.”
Superman and Batman are both part of the DC Comics franchise, with the Marvel brand its rival, boasting characters such as Spiderman, Iron Man and Thor. Quizzed on the differences between both universes, Henry agrees with the general outlook that Marvel has a “lighter touch”.
“The DC universe, I think, is trying to ground itself a bit more in realism,” he explained. “But Marvel does the job very well and they’ve created a wonderful foundation to launch anything off. DC are now doing their thing, and building their own foundation.”
Much was made about Ben’s casting as Batman, but the star has taken to the part like a duck to water. It helps that he grew up being a fan of the winged superhero too.
“I think people identify more with Batman because Superman doesn’t have any weaknesses,” Ben explained. “It’s why Henry has a harder job than I do to try and make that character accessible.”
Meanwhile, it has revealed that actress Jena Malone’s secret character has been cut from the film. Entertainment Weekly reports that the 31-year-old star will not be in the movie, and will only appear in the R-rated extended cut.
Rumours have been swirling that Jena may play either Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl/Oracle or Carrie Kelley, the female Robin from comic book writer Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns series.

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