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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 1 “Genesis”

As evolution takes the next step, several average people around the world discover extraordinary powers:

Hospice nurse Peter Petrelli thinks he can fly but discovers it’s actually his politician brother Nathan who has the power. Internet porn star and struggling single mom Nikki Sanders seems to be able to fight off hordes of men whenever she blacks out. High school cheerleader Claire Bennet can heal from the most fatal of injuries, and her adoptive father, Mr. Bennet, is the head of some sort of conspiracy.

Mohinder Suresh is the son of the scientist who first discovered the evolutionary breakthrough, so he comes to America to pursue the research. Artist Isaac Mendez paints scenes that seem to come true, only he doesn’t remember painting them because he is a heroin addict and can only paint when he’s high. Japanese office worker Hiro discovers he can manipulate time, and ultimately teleports to New York City—five weeks in the future.

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Many of these characters will soon intersect on the first of many special missions.

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