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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 2 “Don’t Look Back”

Hiro enjoys his time in New York, discovering a comic book drawn by Isaac about his adventures. The fun ends when he stumbles upon Isaac’s dead body in his loft and witnesses a nuclear explosion rip through the city, just as he teleports back to Japan in time.

We meet Matt Parkman, a beat cop who discovers he can hear other people’s thoughts. He’s been trying to pass his detective’s test to move up, and this ability helps him get on the case of tracking a serial killer they call Sylar. Meanwhile, Mohinder’s neighbor Eden rescues him from an intruder, and they hear a conversation between Mohinder’s father, Dr. Suresh, and Sylar on the answering machine.

Isaac’s girlfriend Simone doesn’t believe he can paint the future and leaves him because of his drug use. Nikki has lost hours in her blackout and covers her tracks by burying the bodies of her attackers in the desert.

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Claire anonymously saves a firefighter, who wants to thank the cheerleader who saved him, but Claire doesn’t want the attention and another high school cheerleader, Jackie, claims credit. Then the tape she made of her healing her fatal injuries goes missing. Mr. Bennet agrees to put in a call to find Claire’s birth parents—and he’s seen the tape.

Peter realizes he can absorb his brother’s power to fly when he is around him—but nearly kills himself when he jumps off the building to prove to his brother they can fly.

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