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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 13 “The Fix”

The invisible man calls himself Claude Rains (love the name) and he knows “others” like Peter. Peter begs for his help, convinced he will be able to save the city. Claude balks. He claims he’s evaded smarter men than Peter and walks off. But later Claude and Peter run into each other again, and Claude reluctantly agrees to teach Peter how to control his power—and perhaps save the city.

Nathan comes to Mohinder and gets the list lecture. Nathan’s interested in curing it, but Mohinder says if he can study and help Peter, he could help all the Heroes. So they both go looking for Peter, finding him at his old apartment, packing. Mohinder begs him to stay for research, but Peter doesn’t have time. Nathan threatens to have him put away for his own safety. Peter escapes, and after they clear out, we see that Claude helped him disappear.

Matt gets ready for his review hearing. Janice suggests he should try to control the telepathy, but the review committee just laughs off Matt’s story. He finally relents and apologizes for “making up” a story to make himself look heroic. He gets six months suspension. At least Janice assures him he hasn’t lost his marriage, and they promise to trust each other. And one more thing: She’s pregnant.

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D.L. can’t get work, and the bills are piling up. He and Micah fight. But Micah, using his power over machines, gets money out of an ATM. After D.L. promises to be a good dad and asks for his help, Micah shows him the money. Meanwhile, Nikki is still in her padded cell. Her psychiatrist, Dr. Witherson, refuses to give Nikki more drugs unless she can talk to Jessica. Nikki knows better. But after D.L. walks into the padded cell one night to say he and Micah really need her, the next day, Nikki asks to see Witherson again. For her son’s sake, she’ll cooperate to get rid of Jessica. Boy, is that doctor in for some trouble.

While Hiro and Ando argue in a parking lot, they are pursued by a van, who eventually catches them. The man sitting with them tells Hiro he is wrong about his power to save the world. The guy’s boss has real power and wants Hiro to stop, even offers first-class tickets back to Japan. Guess what Ando wants to do? But Hiro holds strong—until he sees who the boss man is: His father. Gulp!

Claire and Zach try to hack Mr. Bennet’s computer, but they can’t find anything. Bennet comes home early and nearly catches them. They quickly say they’re lab partners on a science project. Bennet pretends to support their friendship, but he knows something’s up. Claire meets the Haitian again, asks if he knows her real parents. He knows nothing of her father but tells her her mother died in an explosion 14 years ago. Claire does a little research and finds the news story about her birth mother’s death—who died in a fire along with her “18-month-old daughter.” Claire.

Bennet gets even more suspicious when he notices chimes hanging outside Claire’s window—her signal to the Haitian she wants to talk. But Claire is oblivious to her father’s suspicions. She’s just obsessed with finding any information about her real parents. Calling people with her mother’s last name to see if anyone knew her mother, Claire actually reaches her birth mother, who is still alive. The woman on the phone lights her cigarette from a flame in her hand. Cool trick.

At the paper plant, a doctor is still monitoring Sylar. He keeps trying to revive him, but finally calls Bennet to say Sylar has died, despite his best efforts. Yeah, right. By the time, Bennet gets there, the body under the sheet is the doctor—and Sylar is waiting for him.

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