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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 14 “Distractions”

Nikki is still in therapy with the court shrink—and the doc is still requesting to speak with Jessica. Yes, well, once childhood memories unleash Jessica and she breaks free, the doctor is suddenly in a world of hurt. Next thing we know, the guards come in, with Nikki waking up and the shrink on the ground in tazor shock. And if that isn’t enough, Linderman’s henchman comes to tell Nikki she’s been cleared of all charges and can go home. Apparently, a death row inmate confessed to the crimes she’s accused of, and DNA evidence matches. Linderman’s demands are still unknown. Nikki, of course, doesn’t want to go home—but Jessica does. As Micah is asking his mom to play a game with, we see Jessica has somehow trapped Nikki in a mirror.

Simone asks Isaac to paint to find Peter, but it’s all too vague. Instead, Isaac paints a picture of he and Simone embracing on the roof—a future he hopes for. His other paintings still depict an apocalypse, but Simone believes he makes the future, so he can change it. Isaac finally does paint something, showing Peter’s whereabouts and calls Mr. Bennet, who seems to know about Claude. “I guess our friend isn’t as dead as we thought,” Bennet says. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Claude believes Peter is absorbing more powers than his body can handle, so they have to learn to channel them. Claude also believes all of Peter’s personal attachments are clouding his powers. Claude takes Peter to Isaac’s place and, while cloaked in invisibility, he sees Simone and Isaac connect. Peter is obviously distraught and defends his feelings, saying his loved ones are all he has. Nonplussed, Claude throws Peter off the roof to see if he can access the power to fly. Peter can’t, but he does heal. Peter realizes that in remembering how he felt when he met Claire, he was able to call up her power. Suddenly, Peter goes into overload again and Claude has to smack him to get him out of it.

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Hiro’s dad is adamant that he come back to Japan, offering Hiro an executive job in the company. Hiro’s sister Kimiko tells Hiro that he is disgracing his family. If his father can’t manage his own son, how can run a company? But Hiro has a better idea. Knowing how smart his sister is—she is, in fact, running many of the company’s divisions—he pretends to throw his weight around and says he’ll come back to Japan but that he is going to change everything. When Kimiko objects and details a more sound plan to make the company better, their father finally sees who is the right successor. Hiro and Ando are now free to continue their quest.

But the real rub is the fact Sylar is free. He traps Mr. Bennet in the cell, gets the address and goes after Claire. At first endearing himself to Mrs. Bennet as a delivery man, he soon reveals his intentions and threatens her, sending her flying into a glass cabinet with one move of a finger. But just as he is about to finish her off, Bennet and the Haitian bust into the house, guns a-blazin’. Sylar is shot but manages to escape. And poor Mrs. B. She has to have her memory erased one more time.

And where was Claire? She had talked her mother into letting her and Zach skip school to do manatee research, but they really go see Claire’s real mom, Meredith, in a trailer park. They share small talk, mom’s travels and Claire’s schooling, then get to the point. Claire cuts her arm and heals immediately. Meredith just smiles at her and says, “Some family.” She opens her hand and reveals a flame. Claire asks about her real father, but her mom tells her she’ll save that for next time. Claire comes home and Mrs. Bennet, oblivious to their morning conversation, berates her for skipping school. Looking over at her father, Claire knows something is up.

Meanwhile, Meredith is making a phone call. She tells the person he may not remember her but that their daughter just contacted her. As we cut to the person on the other line, we see it’s none other than Nathan. That guy sure gets around.

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