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‘Heroes’ Season 1: Ep. 16 “Unexpected”

The episode opens with Nuclear Ted at his computer in his desert shack, getting an IM, even though his laptop shows no Internet connection. Suddenly, we meet Hanna Gimmelman, who is actually standing right behind Ted. She has the ability to tap into satellite, wi-fi and other such technology without being at a computer (nifty super power). She shows Ted she has the same mark on her neck, indicating she has had a visit from Team Bennet at some point. She easily convinces Ted that they have to track down these people and have a very serious conversation with them on just what the hell is happening to them.

Meanwhile, as Claire’s mom seems to have lost it, Claire races to find someone, but when she brings her brother into the kitchen, Mrs. Bennet is seemingly back to normal, remembering her kids and dog again. Claire tries to talk to Mrs. B about her memory loss, but her mom has put all her faith in her husband and the doctors. Then she collapses in a heap. Claire freaks out and calls her dad.

But Mr. Bennet is not in Texas. He is in New York, finding out from Isaac that Peter now has powers of invisibility—which means he has had contact with Claude, someone Mr. Bennet apparently thought was dead. Bennet gives Isaac a gun, just in case. Then, we see Bennet and the Haitian spying on Peter and Claude with heat vision binoculars. Claude is beating Peter up, trying to push him to use his absorbed powers. Suddenly, Peter telepathically pushes Claude away, a power which could have only come from Sylar. Peter is really beginning to gain control, but just as they continue, Claude is shot with a taser gun. Peter is able to stop the attack, grabs Claude and shoots up into the sky, getting away from Bennet. Later, Claude is not happy Peter brought the goons back after him. He shows scars from his “tattoo” and leaves. Seemingly for good.

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Mr. B. finally takes the call from Claire and rushes back. At the hospital, the doctor explains to Claire that her mother has a brain hemorrhage of some kid and asks if there has ever been any domestic violence. Not exactly, but Claire–needing to confess just what her father is capable of–takes advantage of doctor/patient confidentiality. Of course, the doctor doesn’t believe her that a man can erase a memory just by touch. When Bennet arrives, Claire confronts him. He admits he only did this to protect his family and that it will never happen again to her mother. He seems sincere, but Claire isn’t buying it.

Matt is contacted by Ted and Hanna, who explain the tracking mark on their necks. Hanna has found a link to Bennet, but Matt tells them he already had a run-in with him, and it didn’t lead to anything. Still, they convince him Bennet is indeed the key, and they must confront him. Just as the Bennets come home from the hospital, Ted, Hanna and Matt are there to greet them. They want some answers. Now.

Back with Mohinder and Sylar (aka Zane), they show up at the auto shop of a new person on the list. She’s not really interested in getting involved, but Sylar comforts her by showing his power of melting metal. She, in turn, confesses she has a hyper sense of hearing, which includes hearing telltale heartbeats. Later that night, the woman is alone and hears Sylar’s heartbeat as he quietly sneaks up on her to do his deed. The next day, they go back to the auto shop, and Mohinder discovers the body—with her head sliced opened. Sylar convinces Mohinder not to call the cops because they look too suspicious. Sylar is also having a lot of difficulty controlling his newfound power.

And what about Hiro and Ando? Hiro is released from the storage room by the gaming commissioner, Gustavson. He demands to know where Hope and the bag is, since he was in on a deal until she burned him. Hiro convinces him to take him along to go search for Hope and Ando. Meanwhile, Ando discovers what’s in the bag: Casino chips. She pulls a gun on Ando at a gas station, just as Gustavson and Hiro show up. Gustavson and Hope engage in a gun battle, which gets Ando shot in the arm. Hiro and Ando try to run for cover, but Hope spots them and fires her gun at Hiro. He squeezes his eyes REAL hard and, for a moment, gets his power back, reversing the bullet. The cops come and take care of the bad guys, but Ando and Hiro don’t even realize Hiro’s power saved them. Still, Hiro realizes he is putting his friend in great danger on this mission and orders Ando to go home. Hiro boards a bus and waves goodbye to Ando.

Back in Issac’s loft, the painter is in full future-telling mode, painting Peter standing behind him. He snaps out of it and turns to see Peter there, fuming that Isaac lead Bennet to him. Isaac believes Peter is a threat to humanity—and, of course, has Simone’s love–so the two start fighting. Peter uses the invisibility power to wreak havoc, just as Isaac picks up the gun. In the confusion, Isaac shoots wildly–and he hits Simone, who has just entered the loft.

Peter reappears and rushes to her, as does Isaac. Simone dies in both men’s arms. Of course, you realize, this means war.

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