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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 11 “Powerless”

It’s been said in the previews two Heroes will fall in this finale episode. Hmmm, wonder who they’ll pick?

Mohinder rushes back to New York to find Sylar–and Maya. Molly is safe, asleep in the other room, as Sylar goes on and on about Maya’s cooking. Mohinder is dumbstruck. He turns to Maya and asks, “You do know this man is a killer?” She says she does, that Gabriel told her everything? “Gabriel? You mean Sylar?” Suddenly, Mohinder realizes Sylar doesn’t have any powers, that he must have a strain of the virus, and immediately jumps into action. But Sylar is one step ahead of him and pulls a gun. He knows Mohinder can help him restore his powers with Claire’s blood and will stop at nothing to get it. Meanwhile, Maya figures out she’s been duped by Sylar–and starts to get mad. The black goo starts to flow, but she stops it in the nick of time. As soon as his eyes clear of black goo, Mohinder says he’ll help them.

Mohinder takes the armed Sylar and gang to his lab. Turns out Sylar has the same strain as Nikki, which means the Company must have injected him with it. Off in the other corner, Molly tries to help Maya find Alejandro but when she can’t find him, Maya realizes Sylar killed him. She screams at Sylar, who has had enough of her whining and shoots her. Yay! Is it the end of the black goo twins? Alas, no. Sylar makes Mohinder inject Maya with Claire’s blood, to see if she will indeed come back to life. She does. Darn it.

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Meanwhile, Angela has been released from prison, while Matt has just come from Victoria’s murder scene, in which Adam and Peter’s fingerprints are abundant. Angela is taken aback. Peter is alive? Yes, and apparently working with Adam, so Matt thinks. Nathan demands his mother explain to him the reason for Adam’s attacks. She goes into how they wanted to changed the world, blah, blah. But Adam came to the conclusion the world will always be the same, so why not wipe it clean for a fresh start by releasing an unstoppable virus. Nathan asks, ‘Just like you and Lindeman tried to do by blowing up New York, right?” Angela knows she was wrong and tells them the virus is in Odessa, Texas at Primatech, which sends Matt and Nathan off. Before they go, she tells them one bullet to the head is the only way to kill Adam–AND Peter, if it comes to that.

Peter and Adam are already at the paper company, when Hiro arrives and stops time–except for Peter. Hiro says Adam killed his father and for that he must pay. Hiro knew him 400 years ago and he betrayed him; Peter should not to trust him. But Peter knows Hiro’s father locked Adam away for 30 years, and he believes Adam is here to destroy the virus. Just as Hiro tries to kill a frozen Adam with the sword, Peter knocks him out with an electrical shock. Time resumes and Adam sees Hiro lying there. He takes the samurai sword.

Matt and Nathan land in front of Primatech, but it hasn’t been a smooth ride. Matt: “OK, we don’t talk about THAT ever again.” Nathan: “Agreed.” Hiro walks out and sees them, raising his hands in the air and screaming, “Flying man!”

Peter and Adam are making their way to the virus, sending guards left and right. They come to a locked steel vault door. Suddenly, Peter questions Adam’s motives, asking him if he indeed killed Hiro’s father. Adam admits it, but they’ve got to get past that door and get the virus regardless. “The woman you love is trapped in the future where almost everyone is dead. Do it!,” Adam demands.

Peter gets the steel door open, but Hiro and Matt show up to stop them once again. Peter throws Hiro against the wall. Then Matt tries to use mind control on Peter, telling him Adam is evil, but he is also sent flying. Peter yells at him that he is on the wrong side. Meanwhile, Adam has gone inside the vault–and when Hiro comes to, he follows him. Suddenly, Nathan is there. Peter is elated at the sight of his brother, but Nathan queries, “How about me, Peter? Am I on the wrong side?” Nathan urges Peter to believe Adam truly is the bad guy, even if he did save Nathan’s life. Peter realizes he has to trust his brother before anyone else and runs for the vault door.

Hiro and Adam are inside, staring each other down. Adam tells him he is 400 years too late, that nothing has changed. There is still war, famine and wiping the slate clean will solve all the problems–and then Adam will emerge as the hero. Actually, he credits Hiro for giving him the inspiration way back when. Hiro realizes he should have killed Adam in Japan. Uh, yeah. But what Hiro doesn’t know is that Adam is hiding of a vial of the virus in his hand behind his back. Just as Hiro touches him to transport him somewhere else, Adam drops the vial.

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But Peter rushes in and stops it from hitting the ground and destroys it. Then Matt asks the million dollar question, “Your mother, my father…god knows what they have done. How much longer do we have to clean up their mess?” Nathan says it’s going to stop now. They aren’t going to do it anymore and are going to expose it all. He wants to set up a press conference so he can tell the world what they are, and he wants Matt to make sure everyone listens. Meanwhile, Hiro ends up burying Adam alive. Nice.

In the Bennet household, Claire is also still determined to tell everyone what she can do and expose the Company. She wants to take it down, but Mrs. B really doesn’t want her to. She’s scared for Claire. Claire says she loves her but can’t live in fear of some big “if.”

At the Company headquarters, Elle is being chastised once again by Bob. He benches her for provoking Claire, which irks her. She goes to see Bennet in his room to ask him what Bob did to her. He tells her they put her through the ringer, made her use her powers until she passed out–and she was only 7-years-old. Then Bob comes in, just as Elle leaves. “Noah, we have a problem,” he says. Claire is becoming difficult, he explains. Does she have any hard evidence that could leave the Company exposed? Bennet just smiles. “That’s unfortunate then because now we are going to have to take measures to prevent it,” Bob snaps back. Bennet stops smiling.

Back at the Bennet’s, West tries to stop Claire, too. But she is going ahead with her plan no matter what. That is until Bennet shows up at the door. Claire is flabbergasted “Daddy?” “Hello, Claire bear.” The rest of the family comes rushing in. He tells them Claire’s blood healed him, but Claire has to stop her pursuit in exposing the Company. They will retaliate, and it won’t be pretty. He then explains he made a deal with them that he’ll rejoin the Company so his family can live a normal life.

Meanwhile, Elle is trying to find info on herself and happens to spy Sylar in Mohinder’s lab from the hidden surveillance cameras. “Daddy, you’ll be so proud of me!,” as she runs out. She shows up at Mohinder’s lab just as Maya is getting an injection and coming back to life. Sylar has grabbed the syringe of Claire’s blood and tries to shoot Elle, but she ducks and runs after him, giving him an electric shock. But he gets away. 

And in New Orleans, Micah asks his mom for help because Monica is in trouble. She’s being held captive by the guys who took his backpack, and they are going to kill her. Nikki grabs the keys to her car and they are off. Micah is using his power to talk to machinery to find her–in a warehouse. Just as Micah and Nikki show up, one of the hoodlums has set the warehouse on fire. Nikki runs into the burning building and saves Monica, but the building blows up before Nikki can get out. Ah, one Hero down.

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Meanwhile, Nathan is at the press conference podium, laying it all on the line. But just when he is about to say what he can do, someone shoots him. Hero No. 2, gone. Cut to Angela Petrelli talking to a mysterious someone on the phone, “I know. It was unavoidable,” she says. “But you do know you’ve opened Pandora’s Box?” Oh good lord, more conspiracy. End of Volume Two.

Beginning of Volume Three, ‘Villains”: Sylar is in a back alley, injecting himself with Claire’s blood. A few seconds pass and his wounds heal. Then he reaches for a can a few feet in front of him and it comes flying into his hand. “I’m back.” Woohoo!

Because of the writers’ strike, guess we are going to have a bit of a wait to see what happens to the Heroes next.

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