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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 2 “Lizards”

[IMG:L]Peter has been taken captive by the Irish thugs who are beating the crap out of him, trying to get him to say who he is and what happened to the stash that was supposed to be in the crate. Peter doesn’t remember anything. Later, Caitlin, the main thug’s sister, comes in to clean Peter off and tries a softer approach in getting information out of him. But it’s no use; Peter is completely amnesic. He doesn’t understand why he can throw people against a wall or heal miraculously, which he does in front of Caitlin. More importantly, how he can break free of his ropes and later save Caitlin from a rival gang?

The answers for Peter may lay in a box. Caitlin’s brother shows up after the brawl, calling Peter by his name. He explains he found a box with Peter’s credit cards and ID, but he isn’t going to give it to Peter just yet. Since annihilating the other gang, Peter has inadvertently started a blood feud, and Caitlin’s brother is demanding Peter help them score another deal in order to pay the other gang off before he hands over Peter’s whole identity.

New kids on the block, twin sister and brother Maya and Alejandro, are still trying to get to America. They end up at a kind woman’s house, who offers food, shelter and a way to get out. In the house, a fortune teller can sense Maya’s powers and freaks out, saying Maya is cursed. Later that night, Maya, Alejandro and the woman are escaping through a pipe, but Alejandro gets separated from them. Suddenly afraid, Maya’s eyes turn black and bleed black goo. The woman near her seemingly dies, with the black goo on her head. But Alejandro shows up in time and grabs Maya’s hand. With an obvious symbiotic connection, Maya’s eyes turn normal and the black goo disappears. Briefly, Alejandro’s eyes turn black but then he is normal again as well. The woman comes back to life. Of course, she now thinks they ARE the devil and runs away.

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Meanwhile, Claire is frustrated because she can’t be who she is. She thinks maybe her powers to heal could help others, but her parents both tell her again that keeping a low profile is the only way they can remain incognito. Bennet also finds out Hiro’s dad, Nakamura, has been killed—but Bennet already knew it would happen. He has one of seven paintings by the late Isaac, which shows it happening. However, there are six more, and Bennet must find them before the Company does.

Claire is in class, learning how lizards are capable of regeneration. She asks the teacher whether humans could evolve to do the same thing—knowing full well they can. Of course, such questions only fascinates Cutie Boy even more, who desperately wants Claire to stop pretending. Later that night, she cuts her toe off to watch it grow back—and notices Cutie Boy watching her through the window again. She runs out to try to catch him but misses him. There’s going to be a meeting of the minds soon.

Parkman’s first case as detective is Nakamura’s death. His first clue? The photo of Nakamura with the weird symbol on it. Parkman recognizes it immediately, since it is the same one Molly drew. Parkman asks Ando, who is the only witness to the crime, what it means: “Godsend,” he replies. Ability, the mark of Takezo Kensei. Parkman wants to talk to Hiro, and so does Ando. Later, in the police station, Parkman questions Angela Petrelli about Nakamura’s death and shows her the picture. Apparently, the symbol is also the logo of her late husband’s law firm. Parkman hears Angela’s thoughts, something about revenge before she screams at him to get out of her head. Parkman isn’t getting anywhere, so they leave her in the room. Nathan shows up at the police station to pick her up when suddenly they can hear her screaming from the room. They can’t get in at first and then they break in. She’s still alive but all slashed up. Parkman finds her torn half of the photo.

Back to the future with Hiro, he is running through a Japanese village, looking for Kensei. He finds him, drunk by a tree. Hiro tries to sober him up to go after the swordsman’s daughter, because of the legend, blah, blah, blah, but it doesn’t work, so Hiro puts on Kensei’s armor and mask to go do it himself. One of Kensei’s first heroic deeds in the legend was the “Battle of the Twelve Swords,” and Hiro just uses his powers to take away the 12 swords from the gang holding the swordsman’s daughter hostage. Then he sweeps her up on the horse to rescue her and promises to rescue her dad. Of course, Hiro is the one falling in love with her. You see where this is going, right? What he thought were exploits by the legendary Kensei, were probably Hiro from the future.

Hiro comes back to tell the real Kensei of his heroic deeds. The daughter shows up to thank Kensei again, and the real Kensei decides to take this hero thing seriously to go save the swordsman. But as they go outside, Kensei is shot with several arrows. He seemingly dies in Hiro’s arms—until he completely heals. He is somehow related to Claire?

Meanwhile, Mohinder finds out there might be a third case of the virus in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. It’s the Haitian! He doesn’t want the cure, but Mohinder convinces him–and the next thing Mohinder remembers is the Company’s lead man, Bob, asking Mohinder where the Haitian is. Later, Mohinder calls Bennet to say they are on track. Bob things Mohinder is a bumbling scientist, but Bennet must find Isaac’s paintings. The Haitian shows up at Copy Kingdom, and Bennet is happy to see him.

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