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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 3 “Kindred”

Micah and Niki are at a cemetery and will be leaving Las Vegas shortly to get a fresh start—apparently without D.L. because he is dead. That’s what the gravestone says, anyway. They end up in New Orleans, where some family lives. Micah doesn’t understand why they can’t simply use their powers and get on with it, but Niki tells him it’s time to start living a normal life. She has to go away for awhile and doesn’t know when she’ll return, but when she does, they will be together forever. They walk up to a house and knock on the door. Nichelle Nichols answers. Wonder who she is?

Back in Ireland, Peter asks Caitlin’s brother, Ricky, what he needs to do to get his life back. Ricky lays out the plan to rob a sports book’s armor car after a big football game. If Peter helps get the cash box, they’ll give him his. Suddenly, Peter reads the thoughts of one of the other Irish guys, Will, who plans to take the cash after it was all done. Peter blurts out Will’s double crossing plans, but Ricky doesn’t believe him. He shows Peter their gang tattoo and says it’s thicker than blood.

Later, Peter is trying to make his powers work but quite make them materialize at will. Caitlin watches and feels for him. Peter wonders why Caitlin hasn’t said anything to anyone yet about what he can do, and she replies, “A girl has to have her secrets.” The night of the robbery, Peter distracts the guards and the other Irish boys do their stuff. But then one of the guards surprises them and sets off the alarm. Peter uses his telekinesis and blocks the guards by moving the armor car. Only Caitlin sees it. And once they are back in the bar, looking at the loot, Will does indeed turn on his mates for the money. He shoots Peter, too, for good measure. But Peter immediately heals himself and throws the guy against the wall, almost killing him before Caitlin makes him stop. Ricky stands in amazement.

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Peter is now an honorary member of the Irish gang, getting one of the gang’s tattoos, as Ricky hands Peter his box to open. But does he want to? He’s afraid he’ll find out he’s a bad guy. Caitlin is there to comfort him, telling him maybe he should just leave it be for now. Then she leans in to kiss him, touching his arm. Suddenly, the tattoo on her arm changes into the Godsend helix, the same weird symbol Molly keeps drawing and what told Nakamura he was marked for death. It’s obvious Caitlin isn’t exactly who she says she is.

In Mexico, Maya and Alejandro have been walking for days. They need to rest. But when they try to break into a car, the police see them and give chase, nabbing Alejandro. He tells Maya to run. They take Alejandro to jail where he sees his and Maya’s wanted poster. Some American guy next to him in the cell says he looks like “ass.” Later, Maya comes in to free him, but the cop gives her a hassle. Of course, this immediately makes her turn on the black goo waterworks, thus dropping everyone in the near vicinity to the ground. She unlocks Alejandro’s cell, and he grabs her hands to reverse the bad mojo, bringing them all back to life. As they start to run out, the American, Derek, asks to go with them. Says he has a car—which turns out to be Claire’s stolen Nissan Rogue. Aha! A ticket out of Dodge.

Jumping to Japan, Ando is back to being a grunt worker again after Nakamura’s death, longing for Hiro. He takes out the samurai sword Hiro left (Kensei’s sword) and notices writing on the end which tells him to open it. Inside are mini-scrolls from Hiro, messages from the past, explaining the current adventure he is on and how he has found Kensei and is turning him into the legend. Hiro also tells Ando about Yaeko, the Japanese girl he has fallen in love with–even though he knows he can’t have her because she is destined to be Kensei’s great love.

But most importantly, Hiro writes that Kensei can heal himself, evident from the arrow attack. Kensei wakes up after being struck down by the arrows and thinks Hiro has cursed him. Hiro says it’s a gift, but Kensei thinks he is a devil and takes off on his horse. Hiro then finds Kensei in the woods, cutting himself and watching it heal right away. Hiro explains he has powers of his own, stopping time and moving through space. They are both heroes! Kensei decides to embrace his power—so he can get rich. He still doesn’t have any interest in being the hero. Exasperated, Hiro grabs Kensei and transports him to the next battle Kensei is supposed to fight. Legend has it, Kensei takes on 90 angry Ronin in order to retrieve the fire scroll. Later, Kensei returns triumphant with the scroll like he is supposed to, and Yaeko runs to him, enamored. Poor Hiro looks on.

Hiro realizes his work is done and is going to leave before he further disrupts the space/time continuum. Kensei wants Hiro to stay to help him keep focused, but Hiro says he has another life to go back to. Then Hiro looks at Yaeko, the love of his life—and decides to stay a little longer.

Cut to a beach. A girl in a bikini is talking on phone, telling the other person on the line that “he’s still sleeping.” It’s Sylar—and he has no idea where he is. Michelle, formerly Candice, quickly explains that she rescued him from the plaza after Hiro ran him through with the sword. She has made this illusion of a Maui beach as a more pleasant way to wait things out. But Sylar demands to know where he really is, and the beach scene melts away. He’s in a dingy shack, on an operating table, with stitches in his chest from the numerous surgeries he has had.

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Later, Sylar can’t access his numerous powers. Michelle says all in good time; it’ll take some time to heal from his near-fatal wound. In the meantime, she can be whoever he wants and take him anywhere he wants. Sylar likes that idea, so he smashes her head with a coffee cup and decides to go ahead and take her powers for himself. But it doesn’t work. He can’t access her powers either, and the more he tries, the more his chest hurts. He runs outside of the shack—into a jungle. Panning out, it looks like he is in some remote part of the world. Wait, he’s on the Lost island!

In California, Claire is reading the elder Soresh’s book when Bennet comes in. She asks, “If someone here found about me, what would happen?” They’d have to leave, go deeper into hiding. At school the next day, Claire confronts West, aka Cutie Boy, about seeing her cut her toe off. She said it was a pedicure; he doesn’t believe it. Then later in science class, he asks the teacher what would happen if a lizard and human mated, would the offspring be able to regenerate appendages? Claire is disgusted and walks out. West follows her, and she finally admits she’s a freak, different, and she’s tired of keeping it a secret. He tells her to shut up, swoops her into his arms and shoots up into the sky, just like Superman. How sweet.

Later, they are giggling on a beach and share a kiss. Claire then spots a familiar mark on his neck, which means he has made a visit to the Company’s headquarters. He says he doesn’t remember how he got it, just that he woke up the next day in his bed. The last thing he remembers is a man had stepping out of the bushes, calling his name–a man who looked at West like an animal he wanted to trap. A man with horn-rimmed glasses. Claire knows exactly who that is–Dad.

Mohinder is in New York at Matt’s place. He’s going to relocate there to help Matt with Molly—and to do his “spy work.” Matt thinks it’s a bad idea, that Molly will be in danger of getting recaptured by the Company just as her nightmares are getting worse. Later, Bob is showing Mohinder around his new state-of-the-art lab, which used to be Isaac’s loft. He tells Mohinder he is part of the “family” now. Then Bob gets a call. It’s Niki, who asks if he’s sure he can cure her. Yes, but he’ll need something from her first.

Meanwhile, Mohinder is feeling overwhelmed, with Bob watching his every move. He gets a chance to call Bennet, who assures Mohinder he will be safe. Has he found the missing Isaac paintings? Indeed. And they don’t paint a pretty picture. Mohinder takes a picture of the last painting and emails it to Bennet. It shows Bennet lying in a pool of blood, shot in the eye, while Claire and West kiss in the background. Well now, that’s not good.

Suddenly, Claire is there,as Bennet quickly clicks off the email. She simply looks at him and says, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

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