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‘Heroes’ Season 2: Ep. 6 “The Line”

In Ricky’s bar, Peter feels awful about being the indirect cause of Ricky’s demise. He wants to find the woman who did this to Kaitlin’s brother, and Montreal is the place to go. Of course, Kaitlin is going with him.

Claire is trying out for cheerleading—but the mean girl head cheerleader, Debbie, doesn’t want her on the squad and says no. She tells Claire she is not “extraordinary” Oh, really. But now Claire is caught in her lie to her father, since she didn’t make it. West suggests they can get back at Debbie by giving her a taste of her own medicine. At first reluctant, Claire decides she’s in.

That night, Claire goes to the school football field, where Debbie and the other cheerleaders are drinking and hazing the new girls on the squad. Claire leads Debbie away from the others to ask for a second chance, but Debbie isn’t having any of it. Suddenly, a masked West comes up behind Claire and lifts her in the air–and then drops her on the bleachers. Debbie screams and West flies after her but doesn’t touch her. Later, the police show up, and Debbie is sounding hysterical, talking about flying masked men and seeing Claire’s crumbled, bleeding body. Of course, Claire nonchalantly walks into the scene, completely unharmed. Debbie is incredulous. Then the police find the bottle of booze Debbie had been sucking on earlier and realize she’s been drinking—on school property. Immediate public humiliation as well as suspension from the cheerleading team. There’s a spot open now, Claire.

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Meanwhile, in an undisclosed Company lab, Monica is showing off her skills, while Mohinder takes notes. But she is kind of wondering why the hell she’s there, and Mohinder explains it’s to help her and others like her. Others? Then Bob walks in to speak with Mohinder privately. Bob hands Mohinder a syringe and tells him to inject Monica with a mutated strain of the Shanti virus to see if Monica’s abilities go away. Mohinder is vehemently opposed to this since Monica likes her skills, but it seems he has no choice but to follow suit. That’s what Bennet tells him anyway when Mohinder calls him. If Mohinder refuses to do what he is told, they will kill him and that will jeopardize everything.

So, Mohinder is supposed to administer the shot to Monica, but he can’t do it. He storms out and confronts Bob, throwing the syringe to the ground and smashing a cabinet of the same stuff. He is taking Molly, and he’s getting out of there. But Molly is still too sick to move, so it seems Mohinder is stuck. Then something very odd happens. Bob apologizes for asking Mohinder to give Monica the shot; it wasn’t right. He explains Mohinder is there with them at the Company to keep them in line. OK, whatever. Later, Nikki shows up, all polished and smiles. She’s going to be Mohinder’s new partner, just so there isn’t any more “misunderstandings” between Mohinder and Bob. Is she really Jessica though? Not so sure.

Getting off the phone with Mohinder, Bennet and the Haitian show up at some Russian dude’s house. Bennet slaps the guy around and in Russian, tells him they have to talk. Apparently, the man, Ivan, once trained Bennet and Claude (Mr. Invisible). But Bennet wants to know where the paintings are. Ivan isn’t about to just fess up, so Bennet threatens him with the Haitian, who can take away every single memory Ivan ever had.

Backpedaling, Ivan then tries to convince Bennet to come back to the Company, so he can get his life back. He’ll know everything about the paintings, all of it. No, thank you, Bennet says. And when Bennet threatens to take away the memories of Ivan’s dead daughter, that’s it. He tells them where the paintings are, in a warehouse somewhere nearby. Of course, Ivan now thinks the Haitian will just erase his memory of this incident, but no. Bennet knows the Company will figure out the memory deal and trace it back to the Haitian—and Bennet. That can’t happen, so he’s got to kill Ivan and make it look like a home burglary. “You shoot me, and there’s no turning back. You condemn yourself to hell!,” Ivan screams at Bennet. BANG! “I know,” Bennet replies quietly. Later, in the warehouse, they find the paintings, but Bennet can’t figure out what it all means.

In Mexico, Sylar is driving with Maya and Alejandro. He is fascinated by her powers and tells her she can use them for the good. In the back seat, Alejandro wakes up. He doesn’t trust Sylar and wants to cross the border without him, but Maya balks because she thinks Sylar will get them to Dr. Soresh. Oh so gullible. They finally make it across the border only to be stopped by the border police. Sylar encourages Maya to use her ability to kill the police but drive away before Sylar is killed, too.

It works, but later Alejandro is kicking the crap out of Sylar for making Maya do that. Maya makes him stop. Alejandro truly wants to get rid of Sylar and asks her to choose between the two of them. But Maya pleads with Alejandro to understand because she truly believes he is their savior. He acquiesces but says the next time Maya gets all black-gooey in the eyes, he won’t give him her hand to stop killing Sylar. Maya nods and goes to get something for Sylar’s cut eye. Sylar looks menacingly at Alejandro. He knows Alejandro can’t speak English, so Sylar tells him exactly what he is going to do: He is going to kill them and take their power; or, if Sylar’s powers don’t come back, he’ll train Maya to be a cold-blooded killer. “She’s a shiny new toy, ” Sylar sneers. Alejandro just blankly stares at him.

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Back with Hiro and the gang in feudal Japan, they’ve got to rescue Yaeko’s father from the “smoldering tent” at White Beard’s camp, or so the legend says. Yaeko wonders why Hiro is still there risking his life for her father. Ah, if she only knew how much he loved her. Yawn. They go in to rescue the dad. He tells them White Beard plans to overthrown the Emperor with the new guns they made, with the inadvertent help of Yaeko’s father. They have to destroy all the guns or Japan will be lost. As they try to escape, someone shoots at Yaeko. Hiro transports her out of harm’s way—and changes history. At first, she doesn’t understand how they got there, but then she realizes Hiro is the one who has been the hero from the beginning. Everything she loves in Kensei was because of Hiro. He can’t help himself. He has to kiss her—and Kensei sees it. Talk about screwing up the space/time continuum. Kensei’s sort of pissed now; Hiro has betrayed him, but Hiro tries to explain to Kensei that he won’t give in to love. Kensei still has complete his mission to stop White Beard. It looks like Kensei finally agrees with Hiro, but as Hiro walks away, Kensei knocks him out. White Beard and his crew show up with Yaeko and her dad in custody. Kensei is now working with the bad guys.

Meanwhile, Kaitlin and Peter are in Montreal, on the same street in Peter’s painting. There’s a building there, and they go inside. It’s filled with a bunch of junk, but there’s a note left for Peter from someone named “Adam.” The note says something about the world being in danger and it’s up to them. Peter doesn’t know what any of it means, but Kaitlin believes they’ll figure it out. She hugs him and suddenly they are transported to a deserted street in New York city. Peter picks up a piece of paper off the ground; it’s an evacuation notice from June 2008, a year ahead. Oh great, here we go again. Save Peter, save the world. How many more times is NYC going to be in danger?

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