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High Notes: Backstage with the 2007 Grammy Winners

[IMG:L]Some of the music industry’s biggest stars were definitely singing a happy tune backstage after toting away their gramophone-shaped trophies at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, and their joyful noises were on the record with Hollywood.com.

Christina Aguilera on paying tribute to the Godfather of Soul:
“I was so flattered that people thought I could handle a James Brown song. I actually paid tribute to James Brown on my album, Back to Basics. I did my research big time for tonight’s performance. I was listening to CD,s, watching DVDs, etc. I just had such a fun time with the song.”

[IMG:R]Natalie Maines on the overwhelming emotion of the Dixie Chicks’ artistry being embraced by Grammy voters after their politics were rejected by some fans:
“I just totally lost it backstage at the end of it all. It was sort of my first cry in the last three years, and I’m not quite sure why yet. It was just so overwhelming and you get so used to bad days and being disappointed and it just does fall off your back. Tonight is the greatest awards experience I have ever had on a multitude of levels.”

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[IMG:L]Carrie Underwood on the most daunting consequence of winning a Grammy for her debut disc:
“I think the scariest part is going to come with album number two! I have had so much success and I have been so blessed on the first album that I think it is going to be very nerve-wracking coming out with the second one. I just hope the next one is just as successful as the first one.”

[IMG:R]John Legend on beating the odds of the second-album slump:
“I have heard about the sophomore jinx on an album but luckily that didn’t happen, because I stood on stage last year and won a Grammy. I had just come off the Grammys and went into studio to start recording. I had success at Grammys last year and I tried to make the best album I could. I really wanted to expand as an artist. I’m really happy with the response the album has received.”

[IMG:L]Natasha Beddingfield on where her melodies come from:
“I write my music, so I write it from a place where I am. Unwritten is very personal to me. It’s about my younger brother. It’s also about me making my way in life.”

Christina Aguilera on starting over:
“I have always been really inspired by blues, and jazz music and I always knew that I wanted to put my own twist on that style of music. I really wanted to go back to basics. It has really been a great journey for me to go back to my roots and just do my own style.”

[IMG:R]Ludacris on getting what you wish for:
“It feels great and it is something that comes with maturity and I’m getting a little older now. This was my fifth studio album, so it was time for a change. I‘m just really glad people have recognized my work. Today is the best day of my life. I have been nominated for every album over the past five years and this is the first year I have won, so words cant express how I feel right now. When I recorded the album, I knew I wanted to win a Grammy for my work.”

[IMG:L]Anthony Keidis on the unlikely pop longevity of the Red Hot Chili Peppers:
“It seems like the longer we play we keep gathering new fans. As long as we stay diligent and focused and just keeping with people that have always loved us, we end up gaining more. It’s not a fly-by-night thing because we have been at it awhile. People of all ages can enjoy us, and fortunately we connect with that.”

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Emily Robison on the Dixie Chicks’ ability to transcend the “country” label:
“They try to put you, in that box but have never felt like we were in a specific genre. We made a bluegrass record in the very beginning that never got played on country radio. When I say genre I mean in a radio format. We always felt like we were coloring outside the lines.”

–Reporting by Carlene Davis

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