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Hilary Duff took birthday bath in alcohol

Actress/singer Hilary Duff took a sake bath to celebrate turning 29.
The So Yesterday singer reached the final year of her twenties on Wednesday (28Sep16) and instead of hosting a party for the occasion, she decided to pamper herself by drenching her skin in alcohol.
“I did a spa day,” she tells People magazine. “It was so nice because we just finished filming the show (TV hit Younger) and it was a little hectic towards the end, so I had a massage, and this soak. I had never done this soak before, but it was in a sake bathtub and it just makes your skin really soft. So I pampered myself over the weekend, which was nice.”
Although nearing 30 strikes fear in many people, Hilary isn’t too concerned about ageing, although she does admit being 29 feels weird for her.
“I feel like I’m not that excited about 29, but hopefully by 30 I’ve wrapped my head around it and I will have a big party,” she shares. “It just seems blah, like an in between. Yeah, it kind of sucks… This is my last year in my twenties, but I’m not really scared of turning 30. So it’s not an age thing, it’s just a ‘What’s 29?'”
Hilary has previously spoken about maintaining her glowing looks as she ages, revealing she works out at exclusive Los Angeles gym Rise Movement three times a week focusing on strength, mobility and metabolic training exercises, in addition to participating in dance craze Zumba.
However, Duff refuses to freak out about what she eats: “I’m not a huge dieter. I try to eat healthy but don’t deprive myself of things that I want or crave,” she said. “Lots of protein and veggies.”

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