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Hill was reluctant to remake 21 Jump Street

Hill stars alongside Channing Tatum as police officers who are sent back to school posing as students, in the new movie based on the hit 1980s TV series.

But the Superbad funnyman, who also co-wrote the film, had to be persuaded to star in the movie and only agreed after coming up with “a cool idea” for the story.

He says, “When they approached me to do it five years ago, I tended to roll my eyes like everybody else would when you hear about a television show being made into a movie and you kind of think this seems like a corporate cash grab or whatever just to play on something that was popular a long time ago.

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“We make a joke in the movie three minutes into the film, saying like, ‘Now, we get what you’re thinking’, and we’re going to call it out before you can and show you that it’s a way better movie than you think you’re about to see… For us, it was just about… if you could go back and relive the most important period of your youth thinking you have all the answers and getting back there… and you think you have it wrong, that’s a cool idea for a film. That’s kind of the reason why I did it.”

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