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Holden gets a reputation makeover thanks to ex-lover’s new book

The actress insists the late Oscar winner has always been portrayed in a poor light and she wanted to tell the world what he was really like – as her lover.

In her book One From The Hart, Powers insists there was much more to the late Sunset Boulevard star than the raging alcoholic he has always been depicted as in past tomes.

The 67-year-old actress tells the Los Angeles Times, “There was another book about Bill that had direct quotes from people that I know the author could never had gotten because they were dead by the time he wrote the book.”

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“I thought, ‘Son of a gun, all that has ever been written about Bill is going to remain the standard by which everybody judges him. Maybe I should write down the truth – the truth about our relationship and the truth about him as I saw it and put him in the light, not the light of a knight in shining armor but in the light of what the real man was.”

In the book, she portrays her lover – who died at age 63 in 1981 – as a charmer and a keen conservationist who co-founded the Mount Kenya Game Ranch and wanted to share his knowledge with his girlfriend.

Powers adds, “Everything he wanted to teach me I wanted to learn.”

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