Hollywood’s Sexiest Stars 2002 Poll Results!

The results are in, and we have them right here — the countdown of your picks for the 10 sexiest stars in Hollywood for 2002. Get out your shades, folks…. These stars are sizzling hot!

The Men The Women
#5: Heath Ledger #5: Jessica Alba
Capturing 10.1% of the vote, Heath Ledger was a full percentage point ahead of the closest competition, Russell Crowe, who may have won the Golden Globe, but didn’t make the grade in our poll. More… With 10.9% of the vote, butt-kicking, futuristic superhero Jessica Alba (TV’s “Dark Angel”) was your choice as Hollywood’s fifth sexiest female. Wise choice. More…
#4: George Clooney #4: Halle Berry
George Clooney has it all: looks and integrity. With 11.2% of the vote, Mr. Cool now has the comfort of knowing he’s the fourth sexiest stud in Hollywood. More… From
just about every angle, our fourth sexiest star Halle Berry is perfection personified.
#3: Tom Cruise #3: Angelina Jolie
Year after year Tom Cruise-s to the top of everyone’s “sexiest star” list, and this time is no exception–you voted him #3. More… We’ve got it bad for Angelina Jolie and so do you. The curvy vixen tied for second sexiest denizen of Hollywood.
#2: Josh Hartnett #2: Britney Spears
Josh Hartnett is the quiet guy, whose mystery and awkwardness have awesome appeal, good enough for second sexiest. More… Oops…she
did it again. Britney Spears is tried and true and enters our poll at No. 2. More…
#1: Brad Pitt #1: Jennifer Lopez
All you have to do is look at Brad Pitt to see why he’s Hollywood’s sexiest star. But there’s more to this hunk than meets the eye. More… J.Lo’s the winner–and still champion, reigning supreme for the second year running as Hollywood’s sexiest female star. More…