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Holmes ‘upset’ by Sundance film walkout reports

The actress stars alongside Al Pacino, Channing Tatum and Ray Liotta in the gritty crime drama, which was debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on Monday (24Jan11).

Reports suggested the picture received a lukewarm response from the audience and “a stream” of movie studio bosses walked out before the credits rolled.

Producer Cassian Elwes, brother of actor Cary Elwes, has now spoken out to clarify the story, insisting a few filmgoers left early when a projectionist mistakenly turned on the lights two scenes before the end of the movie.

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And he also reveals Holmes was upset to read reports of a snub.

Elwes tells UsMagazine.com, “There wasn’t a mass exodus. The people who did see it, liked the film. (Holmes) loves the film and she’s great in it. She’s very upset by this attack.”

The film has also received numerous offers from movie distributors since the screening, according to Elwes: “We’ve already received three offers on the film. We’re 100 per cent behind her and the entire cast’s performances in this film.”

The movie, about a young cop with a dark secret, has been picked to close the festival on Friday (28Jan11).

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