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Homeless Hamm hit Hollywood with no money

The actor gave up his dreams of becoming a professional sportsman and decided to give Tinseltown a shot, so he called his late mother’s sister and asked her if she could put him up until he found work.

She agreed and Hamm set off from his home in Missouri in his beat-up Toyota Corolla for the cross-country trek, mapping out his route via friends’ homes, so he didn’t have to pay for food or accommodation.

But he didn’t time his arrival well: “I pulled into town on Thanksgiving Day… (and) my aunt and uncle had plans elsewhere, so I actually showed up at an empty house.”

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Hamm tells Playboy, “I was just happy to be there. The first thing I did was call all my friends back home. I was like, ‘It’s 85 degrees here! I’m sitting outside on a porch.

“Then I went to an orphans’ Thanksgiving hosted by a friend my aunt and I both knew from St. Louis. Coincidentally, one of the people at the dinner was Kevin Williamson, who had just sold a script called Scary Movie, which would later become Scream. So that was my intro to L.A.”

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