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Hoskins gets snubbed by snappers

The Long Good Friday star lived near the Oasis guitarist in north London during the height of the band’s fame in the 1990s, and often saw a horde of snappers waiting in the street.

On one occasion Hoskins was recognised by the photographers – but they ignored him because pictures of the actor are not newsworthy enough to make money.

And he insists he was delighted with the reaction, as it means he can get on with his life without suffering the glare of the spotlight.

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Hoskins tells Britain’s Observer newspaper, “I was living in the same street as one of the boys from Oasis. Photographers were standing on the corner, waiting for them.

“I came out of my house, started walking up the road. This young guy comes up to me, but an older photographer shouts at him: ‘Oi! Where are you going? That’s Bob Hoskins – he’s about as newsworthy as last week’s bus ticket!’. That made me quite happy.”

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