Hugh Grant: ‘I cry during every movie I watch these days’


Hugh Grant is having to cut back on the amount of films he watches – because they all make him cry.

The Four Weddings & a Funeral star has become a real softie now he’s a dad, and he tells Deadline it doesn’t take much to bring on the tears when he’s checking out a movie.

“I have just reached that age,” he explains. “If anyone holds hands in a film, either out of love or support, I blub. They don’t even have to be real. I cry at a lot of cartoons, which I watch with my children.

“Finding Nemo, I’m a wreck. But I realized I wasn’t alone when I was watching it on an airplane. I looked around in embarrassment as I blubbed and I realized the whole cabin was blubbing – all these businessmen in their suits.

“Literally, whatever the last film I saw was, I cried. It’s why I have to avoid them now; because I find them too moving. Watching films takes me into the abyss.”