Hugh Grant planning to turn grandfather’s war heroics into new movie

Hugh Grant is planning to make two dreams come true by writing and directing a war film about his hero grandfather.
The actor’s granddad was in charge of the overpowered 51st Highland Division, which was forced to surrender to Nazi general Erwin Rommel towards the end of World War Two after allied troops had been evacuated from Dunkirk.
Grant had always dreamed of playing his relative, but now he accepts he’s too old.
“Maybe I’ll just write and direct it instead,” Hugh tells Deadline.
“When the British were defeated, and had to be evacuated through Dunkirk, (U.K. Prime Minister Winston) Churchill needed to keep the French fighting. One division was left in France…, which included my grandfather.
“They were hopelessly under-equipped, like the whole British Army. Light years behind the Nazis. Eventually, they were surrounded in a seaside town, with Rommel on the top of the cliffs, pounding the life out of them. It was a huge massacre, but they fought on. Brave, brave men.
“Eventually they had to make the call to surrender. The chain of command had been passed down as far as my grandfather (and) he was in charge when they surrendered, and they were carted off to P.O.W. (prisoner-of-war) camps. My grandfather never really got over it.
“It marked a moment when the old standards of honour, to never surrender, became the modern standards of honour, where it was more honourable to save your men if you couldn’t win. I always thought that was an interesting debate.”
The planned film could help Hugh realise another dream – a role in a war movie.
The Paddington 2 star tells the outlet, “I’m very surprised I haven’t yet been cast in a war film, because I think I’d be marvellous. I’d look so nice in a uniform.”