Hugh Hefner Gifted Hunter S. Thompson’s Widow $25,000 after Author’s Death


Author Hunter S. Thompson’s widow has paid a touching tribute to Hugh Hefner, revealing the late Playboy mogul saved her from poverty following the writer’s death.

Anita Thompson had only been married to the journalist and author for two years when the 67-year-old died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in 2005, and his assets, including the couple’s joint bank account, were immediately frozen as his estate was evaluated.

The legal process left Anita, Hunter’s former assistant, struggling financially, until Hefner stepped in and came to her rescue with a generous gift of $25,000.

“Immediately following Hunter’s death, before his wishes that he wrote in his Trust were understood, our joint checking (account) was taken over by trustees, leaving me broke,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday (28Sep17), a day after Hefner’s passing. “Out of the blue, Playboy magazine sent me a gift of $25K to help me through the chaos.”

Hefner didn’t ask for anything in return, and for that, Anita will forever be thankful.

“At the time, it felt like a million dollars, and I will always be grateful for that random act of kindness,” she continued. “Rest in Peace Hugh.”

Hefner died at his fabled Playboy Mansion on Wednesday (27Sep17), aged 91.