Hugh Jackman Defied Doctor’s Singing Ban After Getting 80 Stitches in Nose


Hugh Jackman completely ignored his doctor’s advice not to sing shortly after getting 80 stitches in his nose.

The Wolverine actor first had a basal-cell carcinoma removed from his face in 2013, and has since undergone further surgeries to remove more skin cancer.

Jackman underwent one operation in 2015, shortly before he was due to attend a showcase for 20th Century Fox bosses and investors to convince them to back his movie The Greatest Showman, and even though he had been advised to rest, he sang anyway.

“I had just had a skin cancer cut out of my nose. I had 80 stitches in my nose and my doctor said, ‘You’re not allowed to sing,'” he said in a video posted on Facebook on Tuesday (19Dec17). “So, the next day, everyone arrives and I get there, and explained to everyone why I wasn’t singing… until one number.”

In the clip, Jackman is seen belting out the lyrics to From Now On alongside other castmembers. And while the performance may have been detrimental to his healing, the 49-year-old was glad he didn’t resist the temptation to show off his vocal chops.

“Sorry (not sorry) to my surgeon,” he captioned the video. “He told me not to sing. I did it anyway. And after … I ran back to get restitched. Worth it!!!”

Jackman has previously discussed his battles with skin cancer, and made an appearance on Live with Kelly in March sporting a small bandage on his nose.

“It is skin cancer but the least dangerous form of it, so it’s just something I have to get out after being an Aussie with English parents, growing up in Australia, it’s sort of the new normal for me,” he explained. “But everything’s fine.”

The Greatest Showman, directed by Michael Gracey, opens in cinemas later this month.