Hugo Weaving Open to Returning to ‘The Matrix’


Hugo Weaving is open to starring in a new The Matrix movie, but thinks producers will probably go in a new direction.

The veteran actor played the original science fiction trilogy’s primary antagonist Agent Smith, an artificial intelligence program tasked with thwarting Keanu Reeves’ character Neo’s attempts to free humanity from The Matrix computer simulation.

Last month (17) it emerged that bosses at Warner Bros studios were in the early stages of planning a reboot of the beloved franchise, with Creed star Michael B. Jordan rumored to be a frontrunner for the lead role.

Hugo tells The Guardian that he would consider returning to the franchise if the scripts for the new film are “really good” and it has the blessing of the Wachowski siblings, the filmmakers behind the original.

"The Matrix Reloaded" Movie still: Hugo Weaving And Keanu Reeves Staff/Syndicated by: Warner Bros.

However the V for Vendetta star says he isn’t expecting a call from producers, as he imagines any new movie will start with an entirely blank slate and a new cast.

“If this I something they’re seriously going ahead with, I would think they would reboot the whole thing,” he explained. “And, just as The Matrix was a reiteration each time of a world, they would start again with different actors.”

"The Matrix Reloaded" Movie still: Hugo Weaving Staff/Syndicated by: Warner Bros.

The original film, which saw mankind imprisoned by machines in the computer simulation, came out in 1999, in the days when the Internet was still in its infancy.

But Hugo, 57, believes that the concept of humanity too heavily relying on technology, explored in the original movie, is more relevant than ever.

“We are heading towards a much more virtual world,” he said. “People exist in virtual worlds almost entirely a lot of the time these days, on their computers. It’s something that worries me, because I think it often robs us of our connection to other people and our connection to the natural world. So I do have an ambivalent or complex attitude towards it.”

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