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Hulk role bulks up Ruffalo’s career

The 42-year-old actor is set to replace Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner and his monstrous alter-ego in new movie The Avengers, and the part has already helped him get the greenlight for his less high profile projects.

And Ruffalo admits he’s stunned by the reaction of movie bosses to the casting news as he hasn’t even started filming The Avengers yet.

He explains, “Honestly, just consider Second Coming, which I am doing with Marion Cotillard. It was completely dead, and then they announced that I had got The Avengers, literally a couple of hours later the finance was pushed through. How cool is that?

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“I know some people don’t associate me with these really big productions. I generally prefer the rough and tumble of smaller filmmaking, but this was such an opportunity.”

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