Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Aren’t Interested in ‘Vampire Diaries’ Reboot

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Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley aren’t interested in starring in a future reboot of Vampire Diaries.

The much loved American TV series comes to an end after eight years on 10 March (17), when the last-ever episode airs. And while more and more shows, such as Gilmore Girls, Charmed and The X-Files, are being revisited, fans of The Vampire Diaries may have to come to terms with the fact that the program might never be revived, if Ian and Paul have anything to do with it.

“I think I’m closing the chapter,” Paul, who plays vampire Stefan Salvatore in the show, told Entertainment Weekly.

Ian joked, “In 10 years I’m going to be living probably on a ranch in Wyoming and you’ll never hear from me again,” before he added, “I think it’s good to close this chapter. There’s something beautiful about closure.

“It’s never going to die. We’re going to continue to be able to watch it and I think that’s a really interesting new thing about this modern digital world.”

However, Paul did laugh that he might like to revisit the programme when the characters are all in the later stages of life.

“It’d be funny if we did a reboot (where) we’re all old as s**t,” he smiled.

Nina Dobrev returns to the program’s final episode after leaving the show in 2015. While it’s not clear what capacity she will return in, Nina took to Instagram to reveal her feelings about shooting her last scenes, labelling it her “true final goodbye”.

I know it's Thursday, but this is not a TBT. #BackOnSet #TVDForever

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“It feels like it was just yesterday that I was saying goodbye,” she wrote. “And yet two years have passed and here we are again. This is my true final goodbye, as today I shot my last scene of the Vampire Diaries forever.

“Coming back for the series finale has been a whirlwind of emotion, nostalgia, love, tears of joy and bittersweet endings. It feels like the beautiful closure we all needed, myself included, and I couldn’t have been happier to come home to be with my TVD set family and friends.”

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